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About Us


Isa Fit Family are a ‘family’ from all over the globe. We call ourselves Isa Fit Family for 4 reasons:

  • The business founders are the Beckett family.
  • We believe all families should have encouragement and help to follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • We recommend Isagenix (the Isa part of our name) to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Our business runs like one big family team.

The business consists of many different coaches. Each covers different areas and are able to mentor and coach you in various areas:

  • Weight loss
  • Healthy living
  • Energy and performance
  • Youthful ageing
  • Business and earning money.

We also have our ‘start’ coaches. Their mission it is to ignite all young people with the desire to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

We know different people don’t all gel with the same people. We believe you should decide who you want as a mentor/coach. They will support you through your first 30 days (and beyond) of using Isagenix.

All our coaches have different specialties, but they are all experienced with Isagenix. They each have their own stories you can explore and resonate with. They have been through the ups and downs of life like the rest of us.

We all work together as one team. You not only have the coach you resonate with the most, but you get the help of our entire team. This way you are able to have the best experience possible.


We are David and Melina Beckett. We are the  Isa Fit Family owners. Along with our 4 children, we are building a legacy to impact as many people’s lives as possible.

We started Isa Fit Family to help others reach their health and financial goals. We believe that Isagenix has been an amazing gift for our family. We believe it can change the lives of whoever is open and ready for the opportunity we have to offer.

Melina says – “We are an ordinary family creating no ordinary life! We have a vision to create families who are free from physical and financial pain.

I love that people we don’t know contact us and go from being strangers to some of our closest friends. We are so grateful and feel so blessed to be on this life path. Being able to meet, work with, and help the most amazing people is so rewarding.”

Who Is Melina Beckett?

Hey, I’m Melina.

I’m a mother of 4 teenagers & so proud to be married to the worlds greatest support person David Beckett. I love the job of being a mother and a wife. 

I’m a qualified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coach, Meta P coach, personality coach & transformation coach.

But my story really started with my own life changing transformation…..

Melina’s Isagenix Story

After having my own transformation both physically and internally, I have a massive passion for helping others, especially women, to be able to live in their best bodies ever. 

I believe every mum can be a super model. I’m also passionate about mentoring women and their families to go beyond the norm, to create freedom financially, physically, and within themselves.

I’ve only ever had one JOB in my life when I was 15. By the time I was 17 I had bought my first house and started my own business. It really helped to have my grandfather, who is my greatest mentor he help me set myself up for a strong future. I started young so I have achieved quite a lot in my life, yet also been through a lot. I’ve been married and divorced, so I know what its like to be a single mother wondering how I was going to provide for my kids. I’ve been flat broke feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I learned how to climb back out and land back on my feet.

I’ve been married and divorced, so I know what its like to be a single mother wondering how I was going to provide for my kids. I’ve been flat broke feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I learned how to climb back out and land back on my feet.

This has taught me to be the person I am today and I say this with much gratitude.

I’m grateful to now be married to my amazing king and best partner ever David. The best part of this is that we share the same passions.

Along with my husband Dave & our beautiful children, we help families build extra income & create the lifestyle they dream of and of course gain the drive and energy to live life to the full on their terms.

I believe that in order to live a life full out its a juggling act. There is no one action or pill that will give us what we want and cover all the areas we need to feel a sense of achievement and happiness.

I see, and have always seen, huge value in having a coach/mentor:

  • Someone who is doing what you desire to do, you can look up to to get you where you want to go.
  • Someone that has spent the time creating what they dream and live with integrity.
  • Someone that has the programs and systems to lead you towards what you want and towards what will benefit you.
  • Someone that has your best interest at heart.

I’ve seen so many people claim to be able to help yet they come from a place of “me first”, where they think about themselves and what they will get out of helping you. I believe that when you help others get what they want, you truly gain double fold in return.

I have much joy, passion and (sometimes) tears in my eyes, being able to help one more person or one more family elevate their lives to the next level and be on their way to a more fulfilling life.

I hope that in some way we are able to serve you…..

Who Is David Beckett?

Hey, I’m David Beckett.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Melina and together we raise 4 amazing kids who are now in their teens. This has been a huge job to date, however, I would not have it any other way!

I remember the day Melina and I met, I had gone to do an electrical job at her house. I have to say the kids knew something that at the time I did not know myself, they took a liking to me and wouldn’t let me go so much so that Lennessa our oldest cried as I had to leave. They were pretty cool kids so I didn’t mind their attachment at all.

As time went by I fell in love with Melina and the 4 kids and knew that I wanted them in my life as a package. Being 27 at the time and never having been married the thought of taking on 4 kids as my own was daunting & a huge responsibility. Other people would tell me how it was going to be a big job, even Melina herself.

2 of our kids at the time were still in diapers (yes, yes I was born in America, don’t hold that against me lol) and one of our children has special needs. Having come from a combined family with 5 kids and having a step parent myself I had a little background to the job at hand.

 I’ve always considered myself as someone who is able to take the lead and a bit of a pide piper when it comes to kids, maybe it’s cause I’m a little bit of a grown kid myself lol.

Although this job was going to take commitment, ingenuity and when it comes to finances it was either going to be a struggle or I was going to have to think different because a family of 6 does not come cheapI’m

I’m grateful, as Melina and I, are both an amazing team and work well together and we are both entrepreneurial and share a vision. Where I fall down she fills in the gaps and I do the same for her. She is my best complement.

It is a well-known fact that I am a gift from god lol, however that is a story for another time that I’m sure she will want to tell hehehehe.

Everything that I have learned from life, being a husband, father, the breadwinner for our family  & creating residual income, I now use to help other people & families so they can gain financial freedom for themselves.

I have had a passion for building residual income since I picked up Robert Kiyosaki book Rich Dad Poor Dad in my teens. I’ve tried many avenues inc real-estate as a form of residual income, that was my long term plan to retirement. However even though we were doing well with this I was still not able to leave my full-time job, time was slipping away and our kids just didn’t have their dad at home. I always seemed to be working doing something I simply didn’t love.

This was until we found network marketing! 

To cut a story short, I now have been able to step away from my full-time job and I’m able to spend my days on my terms with my wife and children doing what I love.

Together, we now have a mission to impact as many families to live a life of health and freedom and join us in our mission.

If my story as a father resonates with you at all then reach out, this may be the change you are looking for…….